Intercom and Networking

Good Communication matters!

We are a living in a connected world were data travels around the world in a matter of seconds. Sometimes the surviving of your company depends on good connectivity by email, voice or video. To keep everything up and running to its maximum you definitely need a good service partner who understands the importance of modern technology and its role in your business.

Especially in Africa it can be hard to find a reliable business who does quality work and also acts responsive upon any request of its clients. Over the years Ghanatechcenter Ltd. has gained the trust of many well known clients in Tema and Accra when it comes down to network installation, troubleshooting and maintenance. We have many years experience in the field and our technicians will help you out fast. We are just one call away!

We can work on maintenance contract for your company so you will get faster responsive time and priority over other clients. You will pay a fixed amount every month, we design a contract agreement that fits your business and maintain everything in your premises.

Here is a list what we can do for you:

  • Network cabling (Structured cabling) for offices or buildings
  • Server installation (Windows / Linux) Hardware and Software
  • Installing wireless network and extending its range
  • Connecting Network devices such as Printers or Network Storage
  • Securing your Network and Computers
  • Installing Server cabinets and server racks
  • Phone Systems to communicate withing your premisis
  • Intercom Solutions to communicate internal or external
  • Audio / Video Intercom - Conferencing Systems
  • Wireless intercom for Warehouses, construction sites etc...
  • Installing Network management software
  • Data Backup and Storage solutions

If you need any special solution, or have any equipment and you are not sure were to go, please contact us and let us check if we can work on it.

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