GSM Wireless PABX Intercom System

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Model: TP832(4GSM)

Best for Areas without fixed line (Note Model and Design can vary, depending an the supplier)

TP832 GSM Wireless PABX System
Configuration: 4 External pstn CO lines+4 GSM Wireless Lines+32 Ext.
The TP832 Series pabx system can support 4 GSM SIMs to the maximum.
GSM SIMs Number: 4 SIMs GSM Access lines
GSM Band frequency: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

    Basic Functions:

    Multiple communication line
    Normal transform power
    Power failure transfer
    External line caller ID
    Internal music on holding
    Remote programming
    Memory protect while power off
    System password
    Multiple dial-out mode
    External line group
    Call duration control
    Call pickup
    Outgoing call transfer
    Call transfer
    Call forwarding
    Flexible coding (change ext.No.)
    Do not disturb
    Automatic Ext. reporting
    Flash time choice
    Ringing assignment
    Call restriction
    Three way conference
    Call all extensions
    Specific CO line dialing
    Ring identify
    CO line booking
    CO line reservation
    Operator setting
    CO line monitor

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